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Providing grants from funds generated by the
Landfill Communities Fund for the benefit of Gloucestershire

Projects > Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall

Landscaping works

Posted: 15th May 2012

Funding: £5,000
Scheme Type: Normal Grants
Project Type: Community Buildings
Area: Forest of Dean District Council

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall, Buttermilk Lane, Tibberton, Gloucestershire, GL2 8DY

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall was destroyed by a fire in 2008. In late 2010, the building of the new hall was completed.

A grant of £5,000 from The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust helped the Hall Committee to improve the surrounding landscaping and lay the foundations for further development in future years. The grant was used to support the shaping and laying of a new entrance and car park, the replacement of hedging to the south of the hall, the installation of a new fence and hedge where the original entrance had been, and the creation of a shrub bed and grassed bank at the west end of the site.

The Hall Committee plans to plant the bed and also intends to provide a seating area to the south and further improve the boundaries.


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