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Providing grants from funds generated by the
Landfill Communities Fund for the benefit of Gloucestershire

Application Form

Before applying, please use the following checklist:

When you are ready to start the application process, please use the online form below.

Our application form is in two parts. The first part requests information about your organisation, the person acting for your organisation and the project itself. Supplying this initial information will allow us to set up a user login for you, the details of which you will receive by email.

Once you receive your login details, you will be able to access the second part of the application form, which asks for more detailed information about the project, and requires you to upload specified supporting documentation. You can log in and out of our system at your leisure but please remember to save your work at regular intervals. Please note: you will not be able to formally submit your application until all detailed project information and supporting documentation have been provided.

If your application has been formally submitted before the deadline date shown below, it will be considered at the next trustee review meeting. Applications received on the actual deadline date will be reviewed at the following trustee meeting, three months later. Click here for a full list of deadline dates and review meetings.

NB You can print out our offline application form and post it to us. However offline applications are likely to take longer to process, as we will be essentially be manually entering the details of your application for you.

If you have any questions, or experience any problems with the online form, please contact us.

In this section

Your application will be reviewed at the next trustee meeting, scheduled for 1st September 2017. Please ensure that you have completed the form in full and provided all supporting documentation before 7th July 2017.

* denotes a mandatory question


Organisation applying for grant

Only organisations with projects based in Gloucestershire can apply for a grant with The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust.

Person acting for applicant organisation

We require an email address so that we can email you your login details. Once you receive the login details you will be able to complete the full online application form and submit your supporting documentation at your own pace.

Organisation information

If you are not a charity, please upload a copy of your Constitution and/or Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Are you enrolled as an Environmental Body (EB) with Entrust?

The Trust can only make grants for projects which fulfil the Objects of the Landfill Communities Fund and which are approved by Entrust (The Government regulator). These approvals can only be given to organisations that are enrolled with Entrust.

If you seek a grant up to £15,000, and you are already enrolled as an Environmental Body with Entrust, you must apply for project approval. If you are not enrolled, The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust can use its own enrolment to apply on your behalf.

If you seek more than £15,000, we would normally expect applicants to be enrolled as an Environmental Body with Entrust, and to have applied for Project approval. Further information is available at Alternatively applicants may make an arrangement with another organisation which is enrolled. Your project would then be a 'satellite' project, with the management undertaken by the enrolled 'host' organisation.

For grant applications for Places of Religious Worship: Applicants are expected to obtain project approval themselves or through their ecclesiastical or equivalent overseeing body if it is enrolled, eg Diocese of Gloucester.

If you are not sure about your status with Entrust or want to know more, please email

Your Project

This can be amended at a later stage
The Trustees will accept applications from any non-profit making organisation for a grant towards projects that fall within one of the four project types listed in the Project Type dropdown box below.

NB: The Trust is NOT able to fund:
  1. a project which is part of the duty of any public body
  2. a project which makes good pollution caused or authorised by the applicant
  3. a project which is operated mainly with a view to profit.

Nor will it accept applications for:
  • any 'new build' project (but it can contribute towards the costs of fitting out newly constructed facilities)
  • core funding (ie costs that are not directly attributable to the application)
  • routine maintenance (although it may consider applications towards work arising from an historic failure to maintain)
  • head office management fees
  • annual running costs
This can be amended at a later stage

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Latest News

Friday 9th June 2017

Final landfill grants allocated ahead of Javelin Park opening

The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust has distributed money provided by the Landfill Communities Fund to Gloucestershire projects for the last 20 years, however, the decision to go ahead with building the Javelin Park Incinerator means that money available to the Trust from the Landfill Communities Fund will dry up next year.


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