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Providing grants from funds generated by the
Landfill Communities Fund for the benefit of Gloucestershire

Wild boar grid funded by Gloucestershire Environmental Trust

Press Releases - 07/02/2017

Yorkley wild boar grid

The UK's first wild boar grid has been installed in Yorkley, thanks to a grant from the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust (GET).

Wild boar have been invading the football pitch and recreation space at the new community centre in Yorkley with the boar also scattering the contents of bins and roaming around the picnic areas and children's skatepark.

Yorkley Community Centre chairperson, Sharon Freeman explains: "In November 2014 the woodland perimeter fencing was replaced with 'boar-proof' fencing by the Football Club and the remaining fencing replaced with a grant from West Dean Parish Council.

"This, of course was very much appreciated by the committee of the Community Centre but it was very quickly realised that the wild boar, who had taken to roaming into the village even before dark, were accessing the grounds through the main vehicular access gate and again damaged the pitch so badly that it was unplayable and games had to be cancelled.

"These incidents were very worrying and disheartening, especially after all of the hard work by volunteers which went into the provision and running of a wonderful community facility and by the footballers whose games had to be cancelled. The committee decided to apply to GET for a wild boar grid and were successful awarded £5,000."

The contractor chosen to carry out the installation, Lydney Surfacing completed the work just before Christmas 2016, when many of the regular groups of users had stopped for the Christmas holiday.

Ms Freeman added: "The Community Centre committee would like to thank the contractor for the company's concern and efficiency in causing the least amount of disruption.

"Now that the whole of the perimeter of the recreation ground is securely fenced and gated, the committee of the Community Centre and users, the football club and players, and all of the residents of Yorkley would like to thank GET for the speedy financial help to complete the project to keep out the wild boar."

The new Community Centre at Yorkley opened in April 2015 to great acclaim and enthusiasm by the local community. The building was funded by the Big Lottery with a grant of £525,000, and GET funded the sustainable energy saving ground source heat pump and solar panels with a grant of £34,000.

The Community Centre shares the surrounding recreation ground with Yorkley Football Club.