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Providing grants from funds generated by the
Landfill Communities Fund for the benefit of Gloucestershire

Funding Schemes & Project Types

The following factors are affecting our ability to fund our schemes and project types:

  • The commissioning of an Incinerator at Javelin Park by Gloucestershire County Council (due to open in 2019)
  • The reduction in the amount of funds available through the Landfill Community Fund by the Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • The requirement to keep administration costs below 7.5% of funds expended in a given year
  • A significant increase in the number of applications received as other sources of funding decline
  • The closure process of the Trust

These mean that that the Board of Trustees will need to continue exercising vigorous assessments of applications for funding. These will be achieved by focusing even more sharply on the Trust's priorities and criteria and including availability of funds and deliverability of the project within the timeframe for closure.

In evaluating possible funding for projects, the Trust applies criteria which are considered to be crucially important in deciding which applications to support:

  • Supporting the development of active communities by responding to identified need
  • Reducing social and economic disadvantage in local communities
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity
  • Protecting built and landscape heritage
  • Encouraging quality of design
  • Supporting innovation and dissemination of good practice

Until its anticipated closure on 31st March 2019, the Trust will look favourably on those individual projects that satisfy several of these criteria and the Trust's first priority for funding will be those projects that assist less advantaged communities.

Funding Schemes

Historically, the Trust only gave Normal Grants of between £5,000 and £30,000, but in recent years, trustees recognised the need to be more flexible in order to meet the needs of communities and the environment.

In 2010, the Trust made a decision to grant substantial funds of up to £250,000 to individual Flagship Projects that would make a noticeable difference to Gloucestershire's communities and environment. Between 2010 and 2016, the Trust has funded five Flagship Projects and has made in-principle agreements to fund a further two such projects. However, the proposed transfer of waste from landfill to incineration at the Javelin Park facility by 2019 means that the Trust will not be able to fund any new Flagship Projects, as there will not be sufficient time for their satisfactory implementation before the Trust closes.

In 2014, it became clear that many good quality projects did not meet the exacting requirements to be allocated Flagship status and trustees agreed to introduce a Major Projects scheme that meets many of the above criteria. This scheme remains in force but we ask applicants to discuss their project with the Trust before making an application to us.

The Introduction of a Fast Track grant scheme has been particularly successful. This scheme enables small projects to be processed outside the quarterly Trust Review Meetings. Every effort is made to process such applications within five weeks of the submission date as long as ENTRUST project approval is received. This Fast Track scheme will continue for as long as the Trust is able to deliver funding support.

My Wild Spaces Programme involves collaboration between Gloucestershire Environmental Trust Fast Track grants (up to £5,000) and:

  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) - providing expertise in all aspects of community-based wildlife projects and leading on the applications process.
  • Gloucestershire Community Foundation High Sheriff's Fund - promoting community wildlife projects with additional funding of up to £500 per project for a trial period.

My Wild Spaces Programme is designed to support communities, aid capacity building and promote small and local first step wildlife projects.

The Trust needs to carefully plan for its closure on 31st March 2019 and asks potential applicants to discuss their project plans with us before submitting an application. Please use the Enquiry Form if you have difficulty in contacting us by email or telephone.

Project Types

The Trust is constrained by the Landfill Communities Fund Project Approval Process as well as its own Charitable Objects and these are explained in the How to Apply section. These objects need to be understood when making an application but as a rough guide, applications will be considered that fall into the following types: